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Best Travel Gift Ideas for 2022

Best Travel Gift Ideas for 2022

Everyone has that one friend, sibling, or niece/nephew that seems like they are always on the go. Whether they’re catching a flight, backpacking through a national park, or road tripping across the country, travel is something that they have made a huge part of their life!

Picking the perfect gift for the frequent traveler in your life can be hard. What do you give to someone whose mission is to see the world?

To help make your search a little easier, we have put together the ultimate gift guide for any type of travel lover! Read on to find the perfect gift idea for your favorite traveler :)


Travel Gifts Ideas for the Adventurer

Photo: lifestraw.com

LifeStraw Water Filter and Carrying Case

For the outdoor enthusiast, skip the water bottle this year (they already own plenty!) and grab a water purifier instead. 

The LifeStraw is great for adventurers because it is extremely portable and even comes with a carrying case. It filters out over 99.999% of waterborne bacteria and parasites, making it perfect for anyone spending time in the wilderness. And the best part? For each LifeStraw purchased, the company gives back by providing safe drinking water to school children around the world.

Check it out on Amazon!


Donate to Their Travel Fund!

For some truly adventurous frequent travelers, there really isn’t a perfect gift because they cherish experiences above all else!

In that case, the present they will appreciate the most is a monetary contribution to their travel goals. While some people don’t like giving money as a gift, just know that every dollar gets them closer to what they really want, which is that next trip!


Photo: amazon.com

Beats Fit Pro Wireless Earbuds

If your favorite traveler has a knack for active adventures like hiking, kayaking, and backpacking, then they need something a little more substantial than the typical earbud. 

The Beats Fit Pros are ideal for adventurers because they are sweat and water resistant, have a battery life of 24 hours with the charging case, and feature a wingtip design to hold them in the ear through any activity! Transparency mode will allow them to stay aware of their surroundings while the noise cancellation feature is perfect for settling in after a long day of exploring. 

Check them out on Amazon!


national parks map

Personalized National Parks Travel Map

Every year, adventure lovers flock to the national parks in droves to experience some of the most beautifully protected wilderness in the United States – does this sound like your traveler?

This push pin travel map features every national park and comes with 100 push pins, so they can pin each park as they visit. They will love the feeling of accomplishment when they return home and switch their pins after checking out a new park. A personalized map legend adds a special touch for a map that is uniquely theirs.

This travel gift idea is the sweetest souvenir of a lifetime of adventures through the national parks!

Create their map here!


Travel Gift Ideas for the Jetsetter

LARQ water bottle

Photo: amazon.com

LARQ Self-Cleaning Water Bottle

Every constantly on-the-go traveler knows the water bottle dilemma. Drinking from single-use plastic isn’t ideal for the planet, but keeping a reusable bottle clean is hard when traveling the world. 

The LARQ Self-Cleaning Water Bottle solves both of these problems flawlessly. It uses UV technology to purify water and neutralize bacteria on the bottle itself, so they can enjoy clean water with no hassle no matter where their travels take them. Plus, it’s available in several beautiful colors to match anyone’s personal style!

Check it out on Amazon!


Photo: amazon.com

Apple AirTag

Any frequent traveler knows the bone-chilling feeling of visiting a new place and realizing they can’t find their wallet, keys, or purse!

The AirTag gives peace of mind by allowing them to track the GPS location of their belongings in real time from their phone. It can even sound an alarm to help them locate it nearby, or alert others it was stolen. You’ll want to grab a keyring case so that they can attach it to their things – we love this one from Amazon!

Check out AirTags on Amazon!


Photo: amazon.com

Carry On Cocktail Kit

Sometimes, you need a little something to get you through the flight. What could be better than making your own delicious cocktail right on the plane?

There are tons of options out there, but we love these from The Cocktail Box Co! They have several recipes to suit the taste of any frequent flier. All they’ll need to add is a glass, ice, and alcohol!

Check them out on Amazon!


passport stamp decals

Passport Stamp Decals

For international jetsetters, passport stamps are a source of pride. But unfortunately, they live hidden between passport pages, unremembered and unappreciated. Passport stamp wall decals are the perfect travel gift idea to keep these memories alive!

Each passport decal design is based on the country’s actual stamp and personalizable to perfectly match their favorite passport stamps. They are made from high quality vinyl so they will stay on the wall and keep them inspired to keep exploring for years to come!


Travel Gift Ideas for Families

taj mahal lego set

Photo: amazon.com

Lego Architecture Set

Whether it’s somewhere they have visited before or somewhere they dream of going, a Lego architecture set is fun for the whole family! 

Carefully constructing a miniature replica of cities and landmarks from around the world is a great way to teach little ones about the world and all the places they can explore one day. From the skylines of London and Dubai to the Taj Mahal, there are options to suit any family’s travel interests!

Check them out on Amazon!


Photo: amazon.com

Matador Pocket Blanket

No matter where their family’s adventures take them, the Matador Pocket Blanket has them covered! 

This waterproof blanket is large enough to seat four adults on a picnic or by a campfire, but small enough to fold up into a 4.5” x 2.7” x 1.1” storage bag. It’s perfect for keeping warm while camping or in the car. Don’t worry about it blowing away, because it comes with built-in ground stakes!


Slumber Pod

 Traveling with little ones often means breaking their routine, especially for bedtime. 

A small hotel room or AirBnB won't provide the quiet and privacy that some babies and toddlers need to get a good night's sleep. The Slumber Pod blocks out light but is made of breathable mesh, so it's completely safe. Did we mention it's machine washable? Any parent of small kids will thank you!

Check it out on slumberpod.com!


Personalized Push Pin Travel Map 

Keep your family’s travel memories alive, even after you arrive back home! A push pin map is a stunning piece of functional decor that allows you to track your family’s trips and plan out where you’re headed next.

Personalize the legend and pick out your push pin colors to create a map that is unique to your family. There are a variety of designs and regions available. Choose a world map for frequent international travels, a USA map for adventures across the 50 states, or a state map to celebrate local journeys.



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