The top unique Christmas gift ideas for the traveler on your list

The top unique Christmas gift ideas for the traveler on your list

Finding the perfect gift for a seasoned traveler can be tricky, because they’d often prefer experiences over physical presents under the tree. But it is possible to find something they will love!

As you begin shopping for your adventurous friend or family member, we wanted to make that task as easy as possible on you. From travel themed home decor to keep the excitement of travel alive year round to practical gifts to use on-the-go. Today we have rounded up our top picks in a travel gift guide to check the adventurers off your list!

Travel Decor

Push pin travel map From $69

With this beautiful statement piece for their home, they can track where they’ve visited and get inspiration to fuel future adventures.

A USA map is great for charting their progress in visiting all 50 states, exploring the National Parks, or hitting all of the stadiums of their favorite sport. The international jetsetter will love a World map to track all of their favorite countries and cities around the globe. Grab a US State map for the one with local pride. There are also North America, Caribbean Islands and Europe regions!

Make it a unique gift with a variety of styles and sizes to choose from. You can personalize the legend with the recipient's name, a favorite travel quote, or a special date. Then pick from a variety of fun pin colors. Looking for a lower priced alternative? Poster maps start at just $21!

Passport stamp decals From $19.99 + bundle and save

There's no feeling more satisfying than passing through customs and getting that prized new passport stamp before exploring a new country. Help your favorite traveler bring their international expeditions to life in their home! Even customize the date if you know when they visited. There are two sizes to choose from and they look great as a collection laid out like a page in their physical passport.

Canvas travel art From $32

The perfect addition to a travel themed gallery wall. Choose from a variety of travel quotes, definitions and symbols. The artwork is handmade using high quality, stretched canvas and comes ready to hang!

Peel-out maps From $39

An alternative to our signature push pin maps, the traveler can document their trips by removing the inside of the countries on the World map or states on the USA map as they check them off the list. Think new age scratch-off map! Available in black or white and in a variety of sizes.

Wine Cork Country Maps $35

This one’s for those who enjoy visiting vineyards or even tasting wines from around the world from the comfort of home. Display the corks as momentos in a sleek, birch wood map. Select from her favorite country for vino - USA, Italy, France, Spain or Australia or any of the 50 US states. Or beer caps for the guy!

Wooden farmhouse signs From $57

Framed travel signs will instantly turn any blank area in their home into an eye-catching display. All while inspiring future adventures just on the horizon!

These beautiful signs give off a modern but rustic farmhouse vibe and look great on their own or as part of a travel-themed gallery wall. Choose from 11 original designs, each available in two sizes, as black on white or white on black, and with 3 different frame color options.

Map Silhouette decals From $25

Our World and USA map decals bring a lot of character to your home and come in a variety of sizes and styles to fit your space. Choose from modern black or white to complement your wall color.

An alternative option are Brick Decal Maps. Get the look of grungy exposed brick, with just a stick! Vinyl bricks are shown to size with texture detailing. There are six different styles to choose from based on the vibe you are going for.

Travel word decals From $22

Travel-themed wall decals look great above a map or even above a bed or desk. Choose from the words Wanderlust, Adventure, Voyage, Explore, Journey, Family and Travel - all with their own, unique design.

Travel Gear

OstrichPillow GO $59.99

Need a power nap on a long haul flight? This pillow is made of memory foam, offering 360º ergonomic neck support for the best comfort you will find. It also conveniently fits in an included bag half its size. Its cover is removable and machine washable.


Waterproof dry pack: From $59.95

Light, compact, durable and waterproof - these bags are great for camping, backpacking, beaching, snow sports and more.

Travel Equipment

Away luggage From $245

Give the gift of smoother travel. The lightweight polycarbonate shell of the Away suitcase protects everything inside, while the interior compression system and removable laundry bag keep everything compact and organized. They also feature TSA-approved locks and built-in USB chargers that can power a phone battery up to five times.

There are many colors, sizes and sets to choose from. They can also be personalized with the recipient’s initials.

Smart Pack travel set $129

Help them keep all their essentials organized on the road in these space-saving, expandable packing cubes and bags. Includes small, medium, and large expandable clothing bags as well as a shoe bag made of waterproof, odor-absorbing material with pockets for socks, a toiletry bag, an electronics bag with pockets and compartments for chargers, tablets, and cords and a document wallet with RFID security for credit cards, tickets, passport, and cash.

Gravity travel blanket: $135

Anxious adventurer? Restless sleeper? The Gravity Travel Blanket will help you to stay relaxed and enjoy quality sleep on-the-go. This therapeutic weighted blanket is breathable for any climate. Its smaller, compact size and carrying case make it easy to transport.

Weighted sleep mask: $39.99

Struggle to fall asleep or stay asleep while on the road away from your own cozy bed? Think weighted blanket, but for your face. It’s plush and comfy, adds 1 lb of weighted pressure and also blocks out light.

Travel washing bag $55

Dubbed the “world’s smallest washing machine,” this ultra-portable invention will make doing laundry on their journey that much easier. It will allow them to travel lighter and save money, time and water. And it is twice as effective as hand washing.

NanoDry Towel: $38

This ultralight, compact towel is made of nanofiber fabric which absorbs 2.3 times its weight in moisture. An anti-microbial coating wards off bacteria. Useful for the one always on the road!

Airplane moisturizing kit: $40 ($107 value)

A practical gift set containing 12 products for the perfect on-the-go beauty routine. Contains all the travel-size essentials for hair, face, and body: moisturizer, cream, cleanser, water sleeping mask, conditioner, shampoo, hydrator, shower gel, sunscreen, and resurfacing peel pads.

Smart envelope: $27.99

Help the traveler avoid wrinkled clothing when they reach their destination with lightweight packing sleeves that neatly store up to 5-10 pieces of clothing items. Includes a shirt folding board for collared shirts and sweaters. The envelope compresses so it will fit into any backpack, carry-on bag, or suitcase.

Eco-friendly no waste travel kit $80

For the environmentally conscious to avoid waste while traveling! The soft silicone bottles and travel soap box are refillable. The bamboo utensils, organic hankie, and stainless steel straw make eating on the go a breeze. The stainless steel container and silicone sandwich bag are great for storing food.

Travel Gadgets

Kindle Paperwhite From $129.99

For the bookworm to have several books at the tip of their fingers! The Paperwhite is thin and lightweight, perfect for traveling. It also has a glare-free display that reads like real paper even in bright sunlight. Feel free to relax by the beach with it, it’s waterproof!

Expandable Travel Speaker: $80

This pocket-sized speaker is small but mighty, letting them take tunes with them on the road.

Universal travel adapter and converter $39.95

This one’s for the international globetrotter! This travel adapter accepts plugs from over 150 countries. It also has a converter which steps down the voltage from 220V - 240V to 110V - 120V to use your hair dryers, irons, etc.

Selfie Stick and Tripod $25.99

This selfie stick doubles as a tripod stand to also take full body photos, group photos, or GoPro action shots. It has a wireless remote so they don’t have to keep running back to the camera to get that perfect shot!

Portable charger $49.99

Don’t let them get caught without juice on their phone to find directions or take photos. The Anker PowerCore charges the iPhone 8 over 6.5 times and at a rapid recharge rate.

Travel coffee maker $31.95

Don’t let your favorite traveler go without that necessary cup o’ joe to start the day! The AeroPress makes american style coffee or an espresso shot. It is lightweight, compact, and durable, making it ideal for use when camping, backpacking, boating, or just traveling.

Travel Accessories

Engraved collectible rings: From $4.25 per ring

Collect the metal rings by continent, country, state or city and string them on a necklace or keychain. Traveller Collective also donates 20% of profits to an individual who has never had the opportunity to travel. Win win! Check out this comprehensive list of unique travel themed jewelry.

Travel Subscription Boxes

Try the World From $39/month

For the foodie! A curated selection of gourmet foods including ingredients to cook with, drinks, and snacks from a new country each month. Items are sourced from their country of origin, and from small, family-owned companies who follow traditional and artisanal methods of production.

Vacation Crate $32/month

Think “Paradise in a box.” Each box is full of handmade accessories from around the globe and beauty products fit for the glam gal’s next big adventure.

Artisan Gift box From $43/month

Each box features a themed collection of 4-5 hand-crafted items, created by artisans from all around the world.

Universal Yums From $13.75/box

Taste the world! Snacks from a unique country each month.

The Wordy Traveler From $38/box

Inspire your favorite traveler by giving back. Each curated box will transport them to an amazing destination with hand selected books from travel writers, ethically-sourced tea, and limited edition art print. A portion of the proceeds from every box will be used for women and girls in need of education.

Out of the Box Camping From $46.25/month

For the one who loves being one with nature! Each box contains 8-10 camping-themed products, including camping swag, RV accessories, planning and organizational tools, and more.

Gift Cards & Memberships

Nothing quite delivers the message of travel like a thin slip of airline paper that has a new destination written on it. But this is really only suitable for people who already know where and when they want to go.

If you want to give the gift of adventure, but are unsure of where someone will travel next, gift cards — such as to hotels, Airbnb, airlines, restaurants and Uber leave it open ended for the receiver. The outdoorsy person will enjoy a year-long pass to the National parks ($80 for one year). Also, fun-filled experience packages like a scuba diving lesson, cooking class, or a trek through the safari can be just as motivating as a plane ticket.

Other helpful memberships include TSA Pre✓® to speed them through security in more than 130 domestic airports. ($85 for 5 years), Global Entry for frequent international travelers ($100 for 5 years), and Priority Pass  for luxurious airplane lounge access ($99-$399/year).

Stocking Stuffers

Ornaments From $4.99

These charming Christmas tree ornaments are laser etched onto beautiful Baltic Birch and strung with hemp. Choose from state cutouts, a variety of inspirational travel quotes, or the Seven Wonders of the World. There are also personalizable options to put names on a family of backpackers.

Collapsible water bottle $14.99

Designed to meet the unique needs of travelers through hiking, camping, road trips, exercising and more. Its silicone design allows you to fold up the bottle to transport it and save space. It’s also eco-friendly with no harmful toxins or odor. Available in three fun colors.

Coasters $29

These beautiful travel-themed coaster sets will definitely keep your adventures top of mind! There are a few designs to choose from: National Park, Passport Stamps, Camping, and all out Travel. Each set comes with 6 unique wooden coasters as well as a chic holder to keep them organized. They will also love an Etched Skyline Wine Glass to commemorate the iconic skyline of their hometown or favorite destination.

Leather cord taco organizer $7.29

A 3-Pack of colorful cord keepers - perfect for keeping your tech organized on-the-go.

Passport wallet $15.99

A practical passport holder to conceal cash, credit cards and other valuables from pickpockets. Built in RFID blocking safeguards your passport, credit cards, and personal information against identity theft. There are a ton more great options.

Travel Listography: $12.99

A fun way to list all of their travel adventures near and far, past trips and future destinations. With over 70 thought-provoking topics including countries to visit, world cuisines to try, memorable people I've met, and animals seen in the wild, this journal will be a treasured keepsake for years to come.

National Park Candles: $38

Bring the great outdoors into her home! These candles feature scents reminiscent of three of the USA’s most famous national parks - Redwood, Yellowstone, and Yosemite - such as fresh cedar, sea salt and wild strawberries.

A zero cost option? Not all gifts cost money. Sometimes the most thoughtful thing you can do for a traveler is to offer to help them out with something while they are away. Offer to watch their house, pets or kids while they are traveling.

So for those wanderlusters with passport in hand and suitcase always at the ready, surprise them with one of these useful gifts and help them make memories of a lifetime. The only thing missing is the plane ticket!

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