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The Gift Of Travel: How To Inspire Others To Explore

The Gift Of Travel: How To Inspire Others To Explore

Once we make travel a priority in our lives, it’s only a matter of time before the benefits become apparent in every aspect of our lives. 

It opens our eyes to the beauty and diversity of our world, and helps us to appreciate the different cultures and perspectives of people from around the globe. 

Seeing the world helps us to grow and understand the perspectives of other people, which is invaluable to helping us to become better versions of ourselves!

And what is the next thing we want to do once we see how much our lives have changed for the better since making travel a priority?

We want to inspire others to do the same! :) 

Here are 5 ways to inspire your loved ones to travel more and reap the benefits of doing so!


1. Share your stories, destinations, and photos with them!

Some might call it bragging, but we prefer the term “inspiring!”

Share stories, photos, and videos of your own travels to get them thinking about the possibilities of what they can experience and inspire them to make travel a priority. 

Don’t just show them the Insta-worthy photos – show them the unedited photos and videos that authentically show off your experiences. And tell the story of each one as well as anything else notable that happened to you on the trip!

Before long, they will be daydreaming about showing off their own favorite trips!


2. Show them it can be affordable.

Time and time again, people name money as one of the barriers between them and their travel dreams. Helping your loved ones to create their travel budget is a step toward helping them embrace the gift of travel in their lives!

Share your own tips and tricks on sticking to your travel budget, like finding cheap flights or planning affordable accommodations. You can also help them research destinations that suit their budget! 


3. Help them with the planning.

Even for experienced travelers, planning a dream trip can be intimidating! 

You can ease the stress of putting together the perfect travel itinerary by helping your friend or loved one to plan their trip. Help them narrow down their travel goals and determine their ideal destination. 

Then, work out the details of transportation, lodging, and activities they will enjoy while they are there! If it’s somewhere you’ve been before, share your favorite places to stay and visit. 

If planning their trip with them starts to inspire the travel-lover in you, you might even offer to join them – you know, just to make sure the trip goes smoothly ;)

4. Encourage and empower them.

For some people, the reason they aren’t working toward their travel goals is because they don’t feel ready to take the plunge and set off to see the world just yet. 

Unfortunately for some, this means that not traveling enough ends up being one of the biggest regrets of their life.

But you won’t let that happen to them! 

Maybe they are planning their first solo trip and are feeling nervous about embarking on an adventure on their own. Or perhaps this is their first international trip and the idea of immersing into a new culture and trying out a foreign language is intimidating. 

For some, these internal fears can be enough for them to settle for just the daydream instead of the dream trip. By giving them your travel tips and reassuring them that they are fully capable of following their dreams and that they can overcome any challenge that arises, you can inspire them to travel and see it through!


5. Help them track and celebrate their travels afterward!

By tracking and celebrating their travels after they return home, you are showing that their memories are important to you, too. And it turns out that tracking their travels will actually inspire them to explore even more of the world!

There are so many ways to keep track of where they have been and where they will head next, but here are a few of our favorites!

  • Destinations spreadsheet
  • Photo album or scrapbook
  • Travel journal 
  • Collecting postcards
  • Pinning them on a push pin map

So what are you waiting for?! Let’s get out there and give the gift of travel to our loved ones! How do you inspire the love of travel in your friends and family?

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