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Small Business Saturday: Celebrating Conquest Maps

Small Business Saturday: Celebrating Conquest Maps

Once all the Black Friday doorbusters have been snagged, the shelves at the mall are bare, and every major retailer’s website is out of the size you need in everything, small businesses still have your back!

There are over 32 million independent businesses in the United States, and we are very proud to be one of them.

While our team is small, our impact on our customers is huge. It’s the reason we do what we do!

In honor of Small Business Saturday, we interviewed our team to find out what we are most proud of here at CM, what we are thankful for this year, and what impact travel has had on each of us. 

Read on to get to know our amazing team! 

What are you most proud of at Conquest Maps?

“Our team! We have a genuinely awesome team of people here.”

-  Ross, CEO and Founder


“I am most proud of the interactions I have with our customers. Whether it's helping someone decide on a design style for their map that best suits them, or suggesting ideas on how to personalize their map legend, I'm always glad to be able to help them along to get them closer to their vision.”

Janice, Customer Service Specialist


“I am proud of the work we do to inspire people to see the world, and also that our team is able to produce the most gorgeous and high-quality maps to do this.”

Alexandria, Digital Marketing Specialist


“I designed the workflow for my entire department and almost doubled our production speed!”

Zak, Production


“Being a part of a creative team that comes up with cool ideas and turns them into quality content that lots of people get to check out!”

Jonathan, E-commerce Specialist


“The amazing team at Conquest Maps. Everyone truly is THE BEST!”

Kim, Human Resources


“I am most proud of being part of the production team and being the funniest guy at CM! :)”

Andrew, Production


“Our printing workflow.”

Dave, Consultant


“I love motivating people. It wasn’t always easy, especially during COVID, but we did it together.”

Tony, Director of Operations


“At CM, I am most proud of holding down the shipping department.”

Maddie, Order Shipping & Processing


“I play a fairly big role in every order that comes in - in various ways! I make sure every order gets printed, and I design various aspects of them.”

Jon, Graphic Designer


What were you most thankful for this Thanksgiving?

“I’m thankful for my team. All of them are very talented, dedicated and wonderful people to work with. Best team ever.” 

-  Tony, Director of Operations


“Comfortable slippers, good food, and whisky cocktails.”

-  Jonathan, E-commerce Specialist


“My family & friends.  And that they are all in relatively good health this year.” 

-  Jon, Graphic Designer

“Healthy family and friends!”

 -  Dave, Consultant

“I’m thankful for my chosen, blended family, and for how comfortable that coming together has been. I’m also thankful to have the chance to grow as a leader, and to see that I am capable.” 

Zak, Production

“I am most thankful for my friends, family, and pets.”

Maddie, Order Shipping & Processing

“I am most thankful that I will get to spend Thanksgiving with my family, and especially that I am able to host the holiday for my aunt, who hosted many holidays for our family when I was a kid.”     

Janice, Customer Service Specialist

“I am thankful for my health and my friends and loved ones.” 

-  Andrew, Production

“I am thankful that long-time friends I haven’t seen in years are traveling to Columbus this year to join us for Thanksgiving!” 

-  Kim, Human Resources

“My wife for her constant support and being an amazing mom to our kids.” 

-  Ross, CEO and Founder

“My family, my friends, my sweet little dog, and the opportunity to join this amazing team earlier this year!”

 - Alexandria, Digital Marketing Specialist


What Impact Has Travel Had On Your Life?

“It solidified just how much bigger and broader the world is than me. It helped my personal growth to realize I am not a part of some things and should be a respectful observer.”

Zak, Production

“Travel has impacted the way that I view the world and the people in it.”

Maddie, Shipping & Processing

“Travel has completely changed my perspective. It’s taught me that I can do anything I put my mind to. And my experiences with different cultures has helped me appreciate them even more!”

Tony, Director of Operations

“It has helped open my mind in huge ways and has made me further cherish experiences far more than things.”

Ross, CEO and Founder


“Travel has shown me that there is so much more to see and experience than I can find in my daily life. I am just one person in a huge world, and there is something beautiful about that.”

Alexandria, Digital Marketing Specialist


“For me, it's fun to meet folks from totally different cultures. Seeing how we're all human - but very different depending on where we're from - truly broadens the mind.”

Jonathan, E-commerce Specialist

“I enjoy seeing the beauty of the world.”

Andrew, Production

“I’ve made lifelong friends from across the globe.”

Kim, Human Resources


"Stepping outside my own bubble (traveling) and seeing how the rest of the world operates is key to gaining any perspective on what's happening inside my bubble."

-  Jon, Graphic Designer

Despite how unique each of us are, we have a few things in common – we know that travel has changed us for the better, and we know that what we have here at Conquest Maps is special! 

We are a small but mighty team of dreamers, jokers, creators, and most importantly, doers! We are committed to helping fellow travelers turn their dreams into reality.

Thanks for traveling with us. It means the world!

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