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Sip, Sip, Hooray! A Brew-tiful Guide to the Best Coffee in the World

Sip, Sip, Hooray! A Brew-tiful Guide to the Best Coffee in the World

Fellow coffee lovers, are you ready to plan the adventure of a lifetime?!

Imagine sipping on a rich, delicious cup of joe in Ethiopia, the birthplace of our favorite morning beverage. Or, picture yourself chatting with the local farmers of Colombia as they reveal special techniques for producing some of the best Arabica beans money can buy.

The world of coffee is vast and diverse, and there’s no better way to experience java perfection than right at the source!

A coffee vacation is not only a chance to indulge in some of the most delicious and interesting flavors out there, but also to learn about the unique culture and local history of each coffee-fueled destination you visit! From Jamaica to Italy, each place has its own story to tell, and its own coffee to sip while you learn more about the people, places, and techniques that make each regional cup special.


Where to Go to Try the Best Coffee From Around the World

When it comes to finding the best coffee in the world, we know choosing a destination can be hard. Luckily, we’ve done all the work for you! Here are the top 5 destinations to add to your java-fueled itinerary.

Pack your bags, grab your favorite travel mug, and get ready to take your tastebuds (and your caffeine tolerance!) on a trip you’ll never forget!


1. Ethiopia

Ethiopia is known for its vibrant culture and beautiful national parks, but that’s not all – it’s also where humanity’s love affair with coffee began! With over 10 million coffee-growing households in the country, it’s no surprise that Ethiopia is the source for some of the best coffee beans in the world!

But it’s not just the delicious flavors that make Ethiopia one of the best destinations in the world for coffee lovers. It’s the huge emphasis the local culture places on coffee, even including specific ceremonies and traditions around it.



In many Ethiopian villages, serving and enjoying coffee with friends, family, and visitors is an important social occasion. From meticulously roasting the beans to pouring each cup, every step is steeped in tradition. Coffee consumption is a way to connect with others, prepare for the day or unwind after a long one.

The feeling of hospitality and unity as each participant sits along a bed of loose grass spread just for the ceremony is incredible. Experiencing it firsthand allows you to gain a deeper appreciation for the culture and care that goes into cultivating some of the best coffee in the world.


2. Colombia

Colombia is a well-known heavyweight when it comes to coffee. It’s no surprise that coffee lovers flock from all corners of the map to get a taste of the highest-quality Arabica beans in the world. Each bean is hand-picked to ensure only the best of the best is processed and sold. 

Colombian coffee is known for a uniquely balanced flavor profile with notes of chocolate and caramel. To achieve this particular flavor and quality, Colombians use a special technique called “beneficio humedo,” or, “wet processing.” 

With this method, water is used to separate the beans from the pulp. The beans are then fermented in tanks before being washed, cleaned, and finally dried.



While this method is much more labor intensive than others used around the world, it allows for greater control over the intensity and quality of the beans. This is why Colombia is known as the source for some of the best coffee in the world!

The Colombian coffee industry places an emphasis on improving not only the quality of the coffee, but also the social and environmental conditions of its talented coffee farmers. You can support these efforts by trying their delicious brews for yourself!


3. Jamaica

While Jamaica is a popular destination for its white-sand beaches and luxurious resorts, it also attracts coffee enthusiasts from all over! 

The Blue Mountains of Jamaica are known as a perfect coffee-growing environment due to their ideal soil, altitude, and climate. The elevation here ranges from 3,000 to 5,500 feet above sea level, which allows for the cool and misty weather needed for growing some of the best coffee in the world. 

Blue Mountain coffee is traditionally grown in small plots, allowing the dedicated farmers to give individualized care to each and every coffee plant. You can almost taste the attention to detail in every sip!



These beans are processed with the same traditional wet processing method that is used in Colombia, but the flavors are entirely different with notes of chocolate, nuts, and faint fruitiness. 

Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee is often praised for its consistent and unique flavor, and is also considered to be a bit rare and exclusive, making it one of the more expensive coffees on our list. But, it’s completely worth the trip!


4. Costa Rica

Java enthusiasts love Costa Rican coffee for the delicious taste as well as the sustainable and environmentally friendly growing practices predominantly used in this region. Coffee grown in the Central Valley region is one of the main agricultural exports of the country!

Many of the beans are shade-grown, which is a traditional growing method that involves planting trees and other foliage around the coffee plants This accomplishes several things: it protects the natural environment, promotes biodiversity, and creates some of the best coffee in the world! The special growing methods also mean that most Costa Rican coffee is certified organic. 

Costa Rica’s coffee cooperatives are another aspect of its coffee culture that makes it special. Most of the growers belong to  cooperatives that work together to ensure the farmers are treated fairly, and that coffee is produced sustainably to the highest standards possible. 

Costa Rican coffee is characterized by its lively and acidic taste, with hints of fruity flavors. Tasting it in person can be a life-changing experience for true coffee lovers!


5. Italy

While Ethiopia is the birthplace of the crop itself, Italy is widely considered to be the birthplace of modern coffee culture as we know it today, with a rich history of production and consumption. It is the homeland of both espresso and cappuccino, which are now staples in coffee shops around the world. 



Italian coffee is known for using rich and hearty Arabica beans roasted in the traditional method which heats the beans at a very high temperature for a shorter period of time. This creates a stronger and more full-bodied cup of coffee, with a distinct aroma and smooth finish.

For dedicated caffeine lovers, taste-testing coffee across Italy is a dream come true. Each city has its own smaller coffee culture, from the trendy coffee shops around Milan to the traditional but energetic cafes found in Rome. 

Once you travel the globe in search of the best coffee in the world, you’ll realize that it’s more than just a drink. It’s an entire culture spread across the world.


The hard work and dedication that goes into producing each cup of our favorite beverage deserves our appreciation. So let’s stop dreaming about that perfect cup of coffee and get out there to taste it!

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