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Only in Your State - Reasons to Travel Near Home

Only in Your State - Reasons to Travel Near Home

As Americans, it’s easy to write off our home states as boring and wonder why anyone would travel to them. I remember seeing commercials encouraging tourists to visit Ohio and thinking, “For what? The cornfields and small towns?” A simple change of mindset was all it took for me to see that every state is unique and has so much to offer.

When you take the time to get to know your own area and take in the experiences that you can find only in your state, you’ll have a new appreciation for the place you call home. Here are some reasons why we think it is important!


Lower costs means more frequent travel.

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In most states, you will likely only have to drive a few hours to get to any destination. This saves money up front on airfare or fuel. You already have a clear idea of how much food and accommodations will cost, so you can budget more easily. You can also keep a smaller emergency fund, since you are less likely to be stranded 100s of miles from home than you might be abroad.

Since each trip is less expensive, you can plan more of them! Once you find a favorite in-state destination, you can plan future weekend trips there anytime you need to scratch your travel itch.


Travel with a smaller carbon footprint.

One of the difficult things to reconcile with international and even domestic air travel is the impact on the environment. Frequent flights are not the most sustainable way to travel.

When you skip the plane and explore your own state, you’ll be traveling in a more environmentally friendly way. And you get to skip the TSA line and baggage checks too!


Make it a weekend getaway.

Travelers frequently cite not having enough time off work as a reason they can’t travel as much as they would like. Traveling in your own state eliminates the necessity of taking a week of PTO!

Since you’re not traveling far, it’s easy to head out Friday after work and make it back in time to clock in on Monday.


Discover the local history.

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Overlooking the rich history of the state where you live is all too easy. But if you make a point to research local history while traveling, you’ll become immersed in the stories of people who lived there before you and start to see yourself as part of that story, too!

Many states have historic battlefields, graveyards, or reenactment sites. Visit your local historical society or library for destination ideas and context before you hit the road.


Support the local economy.

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Whether you visit a major city or a small town, there are so many local businesses and restaurants that you can find only in your state! By visiting them during your travels, you are supporting local entrepreneurs and your own state’s economy.

You get to explore new places, and your money stays local. It’s a win-win!


See it all!

One of the great things about living in the US is that we have lots of choices when it comes to travel! We have some of the most culturally diverse, bustling cities in the world, and endless miles of untouched, natural beauty.

30 of the states are blessed with a national park, and the rest make up for it and then some with state parks! Even if you are staying in a large city, there are sure to be metro parks waiting for you to explore. Or, spend a weekend in a small town and enjoy the rural beauty that the residents get to see every day! Traveling in state means you don’t have to choose.


Now that you know all the reasons why you should explore your own state, the next question is will you? What’s something that is only in your state that you’ve been dying to visit?

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