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Fun Car Games for Your Family

Fun Car Games for Your Family

When road tripping with your kids, fun car games will keep everyone happy.

"Are we there yet?"

"How much longer?"

"I’m bored."

If these phrases fill you with fear, you already know the importance of keeping your kids occupied when traveling.

To keep your little ones engaged on a road trip (and cut down on the screen time!) plan some fun car games to keep them entertained. Whether you’re traveling through flyover country or exploring your own state, read on to learn these tried-and-true games, and get your printable road trip games guide!


The ABC Game

The ABC game is a classic way to keep your children’s minds buzzing on a long drive. While typically a two-player game, you can also divide into teams (great if your kids are younger and might need some extra help spotting the letters!)

Each person or team chooses a side of the road. The goal of this fun car game is to look for each letter of the alphabet on road signs or license plates, then call out the letters of the alphabet in order as you see them. If you’re on a longer drive or need a challenge for older kids, switch it up by making the goal to find a word that starts with each letter.

Whoever makes it from A to Z first wins! Be sure to use the checklist in our printable road trip games guide to keep track.



A father asking his young daughter how Alexander the Great died as a fun trivia question


This fun car game will require a little more preparation on your part, but is a great way to keep kids thinking while on a long drive.

No one knows your kids better than you do, so prepare a list of trivia questions that you know will interest them. Maybe you ask questions about their favorite movie, hobby, or sport. Quizzing them on topics they learned in school is a great way to keep them sharp for the upcoming school year. Alternatively, you could ask questions about your destination, and use it as an opportunity to educate and excite them before you arrive!


The License Plate Game

The License Plate game is a classic fun car game that has probably been played on millions of road trips. The goal is to spot a license plate from all 50 US states! You can play competitively and tally points at the end or play as a group. Play this for the entire duration of your trip, or set a timer and see how many you spot in a shorter period!

To help you keep track, we have included a complete checklist in our printable road trip games guide!


Slug Bug

This game has been around since at least the 1960s and contributed to many healthy sibling rivalries throughout the years!

There are a few variations of this game, but the most basic can be the most fun! The rule is simple: when you see a Volkswagen Beetle on the road, you give whoever you are playing with a LIGHT punch! Whoever gets the first punch in gets a point. Tally up points and declare a winner once you reach your destination!

If you want to mix it up, there are other variations of this game like Woody, where you punch when you see a wood-paneled car. Cruiser Bruiser is another fun alternative for when you spot a P.T. Cruiser!

Just be sure to remind your kids that a gentle bop on the shoulder is all they need to collect their point in these fun car games.


The Story Game

A parent and child standing next to a white SUV at sunset


The Story Game relies on your kids’ imaginations and can yield hilarious results!

You can start by giving a prompt, or you can leave it open-ended. One person starts the story with one sentence. Each person will then take turns adding to the story with their own single sentence.

Have someone record a video or write down the story as you tell it, so once you return home you can look back at your wacky tale and laugh.

If you’re having trouble thinking of fun prompts, we’ve included a few in our printable road trip games guide to get you started!


Twenty Questions

This is another simple but fun car game to keep your children entertained

Someone thinks of a person, place, or thing. You can make it easier for your kids by choosing categories for them to stick to, or you can leave it open-ended and let their little minds wander. Each person then takes turns asking questions, such as, “Is it a living thing?” or, “Is it made of metal?” trying to guess the secret word before the questions are up.

If the secret word isn’t guessed after 20 questions are answered, it is revealed!


Would You Rather?

This game is an oldie but a goodie. Each person takes turns asking a thought-provoking (or maybe just silly) question, like, “Would you rather only drink orange juice or only eat pizza for the rest of your life?”

Some of the questions your kids come up with might require more introspection to answer then you’d expect!

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