Dublin, Ireland Off the Beaten Path

Dublin, Ireland Off the Beaten Path

The city of Dublin, Ireland is a wonderful place to explore. It’s not too big, not too small. The city is very walkable, which is great when you have young children. As much as I love seeing the touristy sites, especially when it’s my first time in a city, I thought I would share some off the beaten path things you should do and see!

Park Hopping

First, visit as many parks as you can. Dublin has quite a few throughout the city. We went in January, and they were still filled with greenery. Some parks even had beautifully manicured flower beds! They’re great places to escape the hustle and bustle of the city to relax. Have a picnic in the park, sit and people watch, let your kids run around. I always try to find a good park when I’m traveling, and this city had many!  

Our favorite park is St. Stephens Green. The zoo is at Phoenix Park. Merrion Square Park has a great playground and is also where the Oscar Wilde statue is. Iveagh Park is worth a visit too!


I recommend shopping other places besides Grafton street. While you should definitely stroll down Grafton street, don’t limit yourself to those few streets. If you simply go a couple blocks over, there are gorgeous little streets with other shops and cafes that are less crowded. We found a fun indoor/outdoor mall called The Loft Market, Powerscourt Centre. It has great architecture inside with lovely shops and places to eat.

Buy local souvenirs instead of generic trinkets. We always try to buy art from a local artist when we’re traveling. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to do this. We were walking into a park, and there was a tiny art fair of sorts. We were able to talk to the artist and have her explain a few of the paintings we loved. We purchased one for 15 euros. It’s better than a plastic keychain, right?


Eat in a local wine cellar. Dublin is known for their pubs. I think you should definitely get a Guinness at a pub, I suggest having a meal at an old wine cellar too. We stumbled upon Urban Brewery, and oh my word it was our favorite meal the whole time we were there.

Coffee Shops

Avoid chain coffee houses and opt for local coffee shops. There are plenty of Starbucks and Costa coffee places around Dublin. Since you’re somewhere different, why not try a local coffee shop? I found a few places that I really liked: Pòg, Keoghs cafe, and Conrad Dublin are all worth a try!

I hope you are able to enjoy all Dublin has to offer, and I encourage you to try a few different things while you’re visiting the city :)

Katelyn is a wife and mother to two girls, living in Metro Detroit. She is passionate about her family, traveling and photographing life’s sweetest moments. Follow along with her adventures on Instagram and Pinterest!

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