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Conquest Maps Vs. Holy Cow Canvas - Which Push Pin Map Should You Buy?

Conquest Maps Vs. Holy Cow Canvas - Which Push Pin Map Should You Buy?

When the founder of Conquest Maps made his first map by hand in 2012, he was looking for the perfect push pin map to document his travels around the world with his wife. He discovered the only options from other travel decor retailers were poorly made travel maps with cheap designs. He knew his adventures deserved better, and, to celebrate them properly, he would have to create his own map. 

That’s how Conquest Maps was born! For nearly a decade, we have hand crafted travel products with quality and durability that our competitors cannot contend with. We know your travels are very important to you, and our maps prove it. These aren’t just pretty wall decorations – it’s a visual retelling of your life story! 

So how do we make sure that ours are the best push pin travel maps you can buy?

Our pin boards are constructed from durable and sustainable natural wood. 

You’ve probably heard about “fast fashion,” mass-produced, cheap clothing that looks trendy until it falls apart after one trip through the washing machine. But disposable fashion isn't limited to the clothing rack. Home goods sellers push low-quality wall art and shoddy knick-knacks only made to last a few months. The ugly outcome of choosing fast-fashion home decor is your space gets cluttered with products that are falling apart almost as soon as you hang them up. Then it all ends up in a landfill. 

The inevitable and ugly outcome of choosing to decorate with overly trendy, mass-produced pieces of fast fashion home decor is an excessive amount of waste once the products fall apart.

Unlike other companies, our designs are timeless and our maps are built to last. Rather than building our pinboards from flimsy, non-recyclable foam, we chose a more sustainable route. Each of our map pinboards is made from durable and sustainable natural wood. Not only is this better for the planet, it makes for a better map, strong enough to celebrate a lifetime of memories.

Our print quality cannot be beat.

We want you to be proud to hang our push pin canvas maps in your home, so we use top-of-the-line technology in our printing process. Our canvas printers use the highest resolution commercially available with 12 different inks to create a map with quality you can see. All of our map designs were made in house with an emphasis on clarity and accuracy, making it easy to pin your travel destinations. 

You won’t be able to find a push pin travel map like this anywhere else!



Personalization, perfected. 

Your travels are uniquely yours. Your map should be, too. 

Creating your map legend using our unique legend builder tool makes the personalization process a breeze. Unlike our competitors, you have the opportunity to see your legend on screen exactly as it will appear on your map and approve it, all before you check out! 

If you have a special request or want advice on designing your map, our graphic design team is available to help for no additional cost. They will contact you directly to understand your vision and then customize a proof for your approval. We won't print until you are in love with your map design.


Every step in our process includes a human touch and irreplaceable eye for detail.

We are proud to produce all of our travel home decor by hand in Columbus, Ohio, USA. Every step in our operation involves the human touch and a keen eye for quality. Here’s our process:

  1. Our graphic designers create your custom legend and use it to design your map.
  2. Our printing team produces your canvas using our state of the art printing technology.
  3. Our production team crafts each frame using real USA lumber for strength and joint quality.
  4. Our canvas stretchers individually align the printed canvas over the frame and stretch it to guarantee the perfect fit. 
  5. Our shipping team wraps your map in protective packaging to ensure it gets to your door quickly and safely. 

Your satisfaction is our top priority. If you experience any issues with our products, you can easily contact us over the phone, email, or our site chat, and know that there is a real person on the other side ready to help. If we get it wrong, we will make it right, and that is a promise!

We are your one-stop shop for travel decor. 

We know that once you hang a push pin map, it won’t take long for that wall to become your personal travel shrine. We get it. We are obsessed with our travels, too!

We want to celebrate all of your adventures with you, so our adventure decor lineup extends beyond maps. At Conquest Maps, you can also get: 


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