10 Free Apps Every Traveler Needs on Their Phone

10 Free Apps Every Traveler Needs on Their Phone

You never travel without your phone in hand, right? Well, thanks to modern day technology, you never have to find yourself lost, low on money or unorganized in your travels.

Today we have rounded up our top 10 game changing apps to help you organize your trip itineraries, pack efficiently, navigate your way through foreign cities and more!

1. Packpoint


Never forget to pack the essentials again! PackPoint builds a customized packing list based on your gender, the weather at your destination and how long you are visiting. You can also filter by business or leisure and activities you have planned such as swimming, hiking and more.

2. Waze


Traffic sucks. With Waze, find the fastest route with help from other drivers to avoid traffic jams and make it to your destination on time. You can also report crashes, construction, police, the lowest gas prices and more to help out fellow drivers.

Another neat feature is Waze Carpool to connect you with drivers heading the same direction at the same time of day. This way you can split the cost of gas and save!

3. Headout


Never get left bored! For the spontaneous among us, Headout helps find last minute shows, concerts and events in the city you are in. Take advantage of discounts and sold out events. Currently available in 15 big cities around the world - and counting!

4. Bird


Get to your destination faster or explore a new city with the environmentally friendly electric scooter system, Bird. Birds work by QR code. A rider finds a Bird, opens the app on their device, and then scans the QR code to “unlock” the scooter and ride it. They can be picked up and dropped off anywhere around town.

They cost $1 to unlock and 10 cents to 33 cents to ride per minute depending on the city. Available in 100 cities around the world. A similar alternative is Lime.

5. Skiplagged


Skiplagged takes advantage of "hidden city" fares. These are instances when it is cheaper to book a flight with a connection, and then never actually take the second leg of the trip. You instead stay in the “layover” city.

Although a great resource for finding deals, Skiplagged does come with its limitations. You should only use this site to book one-way trips because if you skip a leg of a round-trip, the airline cancels the rest of your trip (meaning you will also often miss out on frequent flyer points for an invalidated trip). You can’t check bags or they will end up in the final destination. You also can't book the flight through Skiplagged itself and will have to go directly to the airline’s website when you uncover the deal.

6. Free WiFi Finder


There’s nothing worse than being stranded in a foreign place with no way to google directions. With Free Wi-Fi finder, you can always find a spot where you can connect for free. Available In more than 50 countries around the world.

7. TripIt


Consolidate your travel plans into a simple, convenient itinerary. You can also easily share itineraries with your contacts. Tripit sifts through your inbox for reservation confirmations and other forms. Using that data, TripIt builds an organized itinerary of your flight boarding times, hotel check-ins and more.

8. XECurrency


With XECurrency, Get live currency rates, then store and view them even when you’re offline. No need to ever wonder again if you’re really getting a good deal in another country. Also has a rate alert so that you can monitor your favorite currencies, and can be used offline.

9. Hopper


Hopper scans a database of airline prices and historical trends to predict when prices to a destination are likely to be lowest, when they're likely to change, and the best time to buy a ticket for a particular date and destination. The app will estimate changes in price, and notify you of price drops or rises.

10. Trail Wallet

trial wallet

Don’t be left with empty pockets! Track your travel expenses in this simple-to-use app. With Trip Wallet, you can organize by trip or month, set a daily budget, then add expenses as you spend.

Be sure to download them all before your next big trip and then thank us later :)

Any other helpful apps for travel that you would add to this list?

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