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Basics for Traveling with Dogs

Basics for Traveling with Dogs

Life is too short not to travel whenever you can. It’s even shorter for your furry companion (well, not in dog years...). So, how about taking your dog on your next trip so that you can enjoy it together?

Dog Adventurer

Best Places to Visit When Traveling With Dogs

Just like humans, dogs have individual tastes and personalities that you should get to know well before taking them on their first big expedition.

If you and your dog are outdoorsy and enjoy walking along trails, hiking mountains, and trekking in general, there are tons of great parks, trails, mountains, canyons, rivers, etc. waiting for you to visit:

  • The Grand Canyon
  • Great Sand Dunes National Park
  • The Beartooth Mountains
  • Banff National Park in Canada
  • Snoqualmie Mountain Pass in Washington, USA
  • Mount Pleasant in Virginia, USA
  • Lake Mead in Las Vegas, USA
  • Keyhole Hot Springs in Whistler, Canada

To be honest, any amazing site, the above places included, somehow feels more awesome when visited with friends, no matter how much hair they shed. And they make each moment seem all the more alive and precious, in our dog-loving opinions.

Dog Riding In Car

Best Modes of Transportation When Traveling With Dogs

Technically, your dog can travel with you to more or less any part of the world. And yet, there are some ways of traveling that are preferable depending on your dog’s personality.

Car. In general, traveling by car is the least stressful way to get around with your dog. Unlike you, your dog probably doesn’t quite understand how he’s moving so quickly without doing anything at all. The good thing is that you can comfort and distract your dog in the car.

Bus or Train. Most bus and train services don’t allow you to bring your dog along unless it’s a service pet, although there are a few exceptions.

Plane. Big airlines usually allow dogs to travel in the cargo hold as long as you they are approved carriers. You may also need to get a veterinary check-up before you board. Some small dogs can even be with you on the cabin.

Small Dogs

Dog Breeds Most Suited for Travel

For the most part, the best type of dog for long distance travel is a small one because of how easy they are to transport, especially when flying. You’re in luck, if your fuzzy travel buddy is one of these breeds: pomeranian, maltese, chihuahua, yorkshire terrier, shih tzu, or havanese.

There are also characteristics of certain dog breeds that make them relatively suitable for travel:

Gentle and well-behaved. Cavalier king charles spaniel, bichon frise, french bulldog,

Outgoing and friendly. A labrador retriever, golden retriever, or great dane would be ideal for adventurous car rides.

Adaptable and cheerful. Compared to many other dogs, the boston terrier and brussels griffon are quick to adjust to changing environments.

Depending on the type of dog you own and how you train them, traveling with your best friend can either be a headache or an absolute delight. Make sure to do your research before you head out! Really, the best way to do that is to simply go out on a mini adventure closer to home before over-committing. You'll learn quickly! Happy travels :)

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