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2023 Travel Trends: Our Predictions

2023 Travel Trends: Our Predictions

Let’s face it: the last few years have been rough on travelers. Between pandemic-related travel restrictions and an uncertain economy, we have been met with more obstacles when planning our trips than ever before. 

It looks like 2023 is the year that we can finally make up for lost time (and lost flights)! Travel is back and it’s a bigger priority than ever for many of us. 

Whether we are planning a weekend trip in a nearby city or an international adventure, the possibilities are endless this year. 

Here are what we predict will be the biggest travel trends of 2023!

International travel will be back and more popular than ever!

In 2020, 142 countries instated travel restrictions or closed borders in attempts to stop the spread of COVID-19. Some of those popular international destinations, including Japan, Australia, and New Zealand, only recently reopened their borders to tourists. 

Today, only a few countries are currently restricting visitors. This means that almost anywhere around the world is fair game when it comes to fulfilling our new year travel resolutions! Check out this interactive map to determine which countries you can add to your 2023 itinerary.

Travelers will choose hotels over short-term rentals like AirBnB and VRBO.

When short-term rental apps first hit the scene, they were an amazing way for travelers to find affordable and charming accommodations that made it easy to live like a local anywhere in the world. 

But with rising prices, sometimes outrageous cleaning fees, and lengthy chores lists at checkout, many travelers are yearning for the stress-free simplicity of checking into a hotel. Sometimes, it’s nice to pack your bags and leave without having to load a dishwasher, wash linens, or even mow the lawn!


Workers will continue to take advantage of remote work to maximize travel.

The work from home revolution of 2020 has stuck around for the long run, with 16% of companies worldwide fully operating remotely. Many that have not taken the virtual leap still offer hybrid work models.

This fact combined with loosening travel restrictions means that remote workers have more opportunity than ever to see the world without ever taking a day off work (but you should use up your PTO if you have it!)

Urban getaways will be more popular than ever.

While outdoorsy expeditions and low-density destinations that allowed for social distancing have reigned supreme in recent years, travelers are now craving the interaction and excitement that you can only find in the big city!

Cities around the globe will see a resurgence in tourism as visitors flock to see cultural sites, embrace their foodie side, and make friends around the globe.

Wellness will be a bigger priority for travelers.

We’ve spent the last few years perfecting our personal wellness routines. Now, we look at our trips as a chance to maintain and amplify these habits rather than escaping them!

But a hotel with a spa and a yoga room doesn’t quite scratch that itch. Tourists will be planning stress-free self-care itineraries and choosing destinations that prioritize wellness, like hot springs, nature retreats, and spiritual experiences. 

Solo trips will rise in popularity like never before.

The new decade of the 2020s has proven itself to be challenging in ways many of us have never experienced before. It almost feels like we went to bed one night in early 2020 and woke up in an entirely new reality. 

The challenges we have faced have forced us to reevaluate our lives and our priorities. It’s a difficult process, and as travel-lovers, we know that the best method of soul searching is to  get out there on your own and explore the world independently. 2023 will be the year of the solo traveler!

Predicting the future isn't easy. But when we plan so much of our lives around travel, staying up to date with travel trends is a necessity!

We are looking forward to seeing how the world of travel changes this year, and how our predictions pan out! What do you think will change in 2023?

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